This looks like Knockout Harry. 

This looks like Knockout Harry. 

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"Good Morning Beautiful"

Here is the sequel to Dark. Enjoy!

Anonymous asked: "How do you picture Harry's eye in Knockout because I can't imagine it like"

I imagine a large scar cutting through from his eyebrow to his eyelid. I also picture his eye just a little damaged (like the color distorted). 

Anonymous asked: "I'm copying Dark onto Quotev as a lot of people want to read it, Wattpad is blocked on my computer so I was wondering if you could send me the description please?"

Do you have permission from Hannah to do this? 

Anonymous asked: "Is there a Sequel? Link?"

There is. It’s right here.

Anonymous asked: "You might want to know that dark128 posts the updates of knockout, the sequel to Dark as Hanna does. I've seen a lot of people asking you about it. Now you can tell them :)"

Thank you! 

I have been disregarding this account and for that I am sorry. I have been swamped with school work, but I plan on returning to this account as soon as Summer starts. Stay tuned for more! 

Anonymous asked: "hey! do you know which chapter the end is?? thanks love (:"

Chapter 60. There may be more though.